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Scott & Caroline

We have had nothing but positive experiences with Palmera. For those looking for a property manager in Puerto Vallarta, it quickly becomes painfully obvious that there are very few options (at best) who pass the quality and honesty tests. Palmera passes both with flying colors, and charges very reasonable rates too.

Before Palmera, we spent about six years with a property manager who kept increasing our rate for poorer and poorer service. It was like pulling teeth to get them to do anything for us, and we usually had to find out about any problems with our condo from guests that we had staying in the unit.

After switching to Palmera a couple of years ago, we felt immediate relief from the constant diligence we felt we needed to keep on our manager and condo. It was obvious that they were checking the unit regularly, reporting out not only glaring issues but also making suggestions for things that could become problems down the road. When we needed work done, they did a great job of getting multiple quotes and sending them to us with recommendations for a course of actions - keeping in mind both quality and our budget. When work was done, we got photos emailed to us to show us the completed project - something that never happened with our other property manager, even when we begged for pictures! Palmera's communication has been wonderful. Their use of online account balances is also very reassuring - again, something you won't find with just any management service.

As far as our guests are concerned, we got very positive feedback from anyone who was in our unit once Palmera took over. They are quite flexible, and do what they can to make sure any upcoming guests feel comfortable that things will go smoothly upon arrival. They have a great location in town too, and enough staff to quickly take care of any bumps that might arise.

All in all, I'm guessing it's hard to do better than Palmera, and we would recommend their services to any property owners we know in PV.

Oakland, USA