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Abraham and Felipe

I usually don't write comments, but for Palmera I will. We met Palmera when we bought our condo in Selva Romantica about 4 years ago. From beginning to end (we just sold our condo after 4 years of lots of fun and relaxation), it was a delight and a pleasure to deal with everybody in Palmera. Everyone is properly trained, everyone is responsible and treated our condo as if it was theirs. Always impeccable, always with the proper follow up. I thought in a beach town everything would be relaxed, as far as service, and follow up, but how wrong was I. Each person in Palmera is trained to perform a task and then there is the glue of everything which is the property manager, that makes sure everything was done correctly. The reservations and special software they have for the owners is also first class. You can check at any time your balances, and your expenses. Everything is very accurate to the cent. I cannot name just one person, since everyone in the staff is absolutely amazing.... Young group, Smart people, effective, honest, impeccable work!, I moved up north after I sold my condo, and for sure, if they open an office there, I would hire them again.... my hats off to them.... congrats for having such a wonderful organization.... and to top it off, everyone does their job with a smile, and they love what they do.... blessings to everyone! congrats!

Pelícanos 2 Selva Romántica, Puerto Vallarta