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Kevin Thornton

Spacious. Convenient. Relaxing.

My partner and I were looking to disconnect from work and busy schedules in Canada. We researched Puerto Vallerta and spoke with friends that had travelled to the destination. We came to the conclusion that this was the right spot to visit. We looked up on Palmera vacations website, where we were able to pinpoint what we needed to be able to relax and be close to the water. Oralia (customer service agent) was friendly, service oriented and reliable. We were able to book a driver through Palmera Vacations. This made it easier and more convenient. Once we arrived, It was a beautiful surprise to walk into this unit. It's spacious, clean and quiet environment was exactly what we wanted. We were greeted by a concierge, David. This man was extremely friendly, reliable, and available for any questions or concerns that one may have. We are a couple that enjoys a good time with friends and family. However we were looking to also be able to get away from the party atmosphere. This building is quite, respectful and relaxing. Having our morning coffee from one of the balconies was breathe taking. We could see the beach, and beach goers. When we didn't want to go to the beach, we would go to the rooftop pool.

We'd cook a few meals in the clean and fairly stocked kitchen. We did buy a few ingredients to create our meals. It does have a water tank in the kitchen. If you run out, just contact David and he would be happy to get you another filtered water tank. Mariela (maid) does come once to twice a week.. depending on your stay and cleaning needs. There are plenty of shops, restaurants and bars. Located with a 5 to 10 minute walk. If you are looking for adventure or sightseeing, there are a few vendors that can provide you information on schedules and prices. Overall, this unit was exactly what we wanted. From the spacious living area, comfortable king sized bed, the great shower with Ocean view and stairs away from the beach.

The owners have taken into consideration on what a visitor will need. Thank you to Palmera Vacations and the owners of Casa Caballito de Mar.

Orlando, FL